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When to Use a Semicolon. A semicolon is used to separate two ideas (two independent clauses) that are closely related. They can also be used when listing complex ideas or phrases that use commas within them. Essentially, a semicolon is like a comma with more meaning or a colon with more flexibility. How to use a semicolon. The most feared punctuation on earth. More grammar comics from The Oatmeal.Semicolon. Semicolons join ideas that are related and equal in grammatical structure. Incorrect: This assignment is extra credit only; but we still need to hand it in. Correcting the Problem.Colons, semicolons, and commas...oh my! Because using these punctuation marks can be complicated, our guide has the top 3 rules for when to use a semicolon.

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Sep 23, 2014 · Using a semicolon - exercise - ten multiple-choice questions, graded online Ways of Combining Two Simple Sentences into a Compound Sentence - A compound sentence has two or more coordinate clauses. It can be formed only with the help of coordinating conjunctions. Punctuation Between Two Independent Clauses - examples and explanation.

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Define semicolon. semicolon synonyms, semicolon pronunciation, semicolon translation, English dictionary definition of semicolon. Semicolons are used for two main purposes: to separate lengthy...Semicolons and Colons Quiz For Students 6th - 8th In this online interactive grammar learning exercise, students answer 11 multiple choice questions regarding the use of colons and semicolons.

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